Cape Town drought; Cape Town's water crisis

Cape Town is suffering the worst drought in recorded history, with dam levels falling every week. Cape Town has pleaded with the South African government to declare a national disaster as it faces the prospect of becoming the first modern city in the world to run out of water.

Cape Town drought; Cape Town's water crisis

The city Cape Town of South Africa have 4.5 million residents and been using 540 million litres of water per day but need to reduce consumption to 450 million litres daily to avert Day Zero. While reducing household consumption, the city is also implementing an emergency plan for desalination, groundwater and water reuse to make more water available.

Once water in the reservoirs falls below a certain level it results in a severe water shortage, residents won't have running tap water or water to flush their toilets, businesses and schools may be forced to close, and other significant disruptions will take place. Most residents will have to collect water for washing, cooking and drinking from one of 200 communal collection points to be installed.

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