Electro Oxidation reactors for Sewage Treatment

Electro-Oxidation Electrolyzers / System effectively removes, oxygen demanding organisms and substances (BODs), Chemical Oxygen Demand (CODs) from residential, commercial waste water streams that are difficult to treat (Oil & grease, heavy metals, recalcitrant organics & colours).

ELECTROGEN™ Series electro Oxidation reactors engages electrolysis process by introducing electric current into the coagulation cell. Reaction occurs at the electrodes to produce ions in the water continuously. The released ions neutralize the charges of the suspended particles (pollutants) and thereby initiate coagulation and removes undesirable contaminants.


Sewage Treatment Electrolyser Models

Model Design Capacity (Liters/hour) Plant Capacity (KLD)
ELECTROGEN-S-50/1.2 50 1.2
ELECTROGEN-S-100/2.4 100 2.4
ELECTROGEN-S-200/4.8 200 4.8
ELECTROGEN-S-300/7.2 300 7.2
ELECTROGEN-S-425/10 425 10.0
ELECTROGEN-S-625/15 625 15.0
ELECTROGEN-S-850/20 850 20.0
ELECTROGEN-S-1K/25 1050 25.0
ELECTROGEN-S-4.2K/100 4200 100.0
ELECTROGEN-S-21K/500 21000 500.0

Pollutants - sediment, industrial wastewater, metal suspended liquids, nutrients, TSS, Oil and Grease and metals/ heavy metals are treated and water can be reclaimed using RT ECO® pre-engineered wastewater treatment system.

Electrogen series standard Electro-Oxidation Electrolyzers for wastewater treatment are offered as either modular, skid assembled or containerized (ETP) system which manage the whole treatment process. Electrogen ™ design ensures adequate provisions for either retrofit or for new builds and can be configured to suit the available space and layout of industrial systems.

Electrogen Electro-Oxidation systems significantly reduces power demand and operator attention, and eliminates the need for chemicals in many cases. Electro-Oxidation electrolyzers comes in a modular, loose or skid mounted system that sits above ground and can be integrated or located either inside or outside the facility.


  • * Modular, Eco-safe and user friendly
  • * Start and Stop at will
  • * Eliminates the use of chemicals for treatment
  • * Uses Hybrid Monopolar and Bipolar Electrolytic Cell Technology
  • * Easily expandable and integratable with modular construction
  • * Designed for continuous noiseless operation
  • * Small footprint and can be retrofitted in existing facility
  • * Ensures compliance with discharge parameters
  • * Low Capital Cost and better performance to cost ratio

ELECTROGEN Sewage Treatment Electro-chemical Reactor (ECR) are designed to achieve high treatment efficiencies within a small foot print. Various Domestic, residential applications with appliance of Electrochemical based (electrolytic) Sewage water treatment systems

  • Organics
  • Fats & Oil
  • Suspended Solids
  • Turbidity
  • Algae
  • Grease
  • Heavy Metals
  • Odor & Color